Groove is defined as a “pronounced, enjoyable rhythm”, or as an act of “creating, dancing to, or enjoying rhythmic music.”

It breathes life into the music, and gives motion to the song. Beyond music, groove simply means “to appreciate and enjoy.” It’s a dynamic concept, often involving risk-taking and embracing imperfection. Yet, it is felt by a “persistently repeated pattern."

I began recognizing deeper implications of groove while learning to play the drums in Taipei. It revealed what was behind the challenges I faced, and also invited me into a new freedom to create.

Discovering more of my own sense of groove has given my life a new rhythm. It also sent me on a search to find out how others bring creativity and joy into the routines of their lives. I want to explore what this concept of groove means in how we live and who we are.

Groove TPE

is a space to showcase and share stories of how people create, appreciate, and live more fully— 

how they groove.