Balancing Between

Where is my partner in the rhythm 
Of searching and being found
From darkness to radiance 
Between crying out and quieting within
Of lowest lows and highest highs
From control to surrender 
Between structure and freedom

Of certainty and mystery 
From comfort to risk
Between what’s seen and what could be
Of home and elsewhere 
From bliss to desperation 
Between the lack and the overflow

Of connection and longing
From words to actions
Between knowing and being known
Of pain and healing 
From past to present 
Between fear and love 

Of settledness and adventure 
From apathy to passion
Between the silence and the shouts of joy
Of shallow streams and deep oceans
From the notes to the music
Between the step and the dance 

Of thinking and being 
From stagnant to moving 
Between body and spirit
Of accelerating and waiting 
From death to life
Between the fast and the feast
There is my partner in the rhythm

Elim LoiComment