Perfect Timing

Sometimes I wonder how what I anticipate for so long ends so fast.
Sometimes I question why what I never hope for drags on too long.
Sometimes I regret all the time I did or did not spend...

"Swing" is a common and popular rhythmical device that makes the second of two notes late on the beat. It pushes certain notes in a beat back in time so that they sound late, while the other notes remain locked to a regular note grid. The whole rhythm shifts accordingly. The higher the swing value, the later those certain notes become, and the more pronounced the swing feels.

Just as no musician can play every single note in a perfectly straight rhythm, they're no more likely to be able to play every note of a swung rhythmic pattern locked to a groove, either. Natural timing variations are a huge part of what makes rhythm sound natural. Off-beat sounds and delays are often what characterize groove.

I find myself feeling like I am waiting on something, and if just that one thing would happen or change sooner, everything would fall in place better. Without that one thing in place, I feel out of the groove...where I don’t believe I have enough or I don’t believe I am enough. That one thing has been a different thing at different times- work, community, calling, relationship- and has also been multiple things at one time.

But maybe there is great purpose in the lateness that is supposed to actually characterize us and the way our story plays out. And that if we remain fixed in everything else, despite what we feel is delayed, our whole rhythm would shift accordingly. The shift would create swing, where even the later it was, the more pronounced the swing feels. We would recognize the value of that swing as higher than what we could have without the lateness. Even after it passes, we know more notes are going to be played and we know the song continues.

Then I see how everything has its time and place.
Then I know why the worst times take you to the best.
Then I delight in all I have and all I am as time stands still.

Understanding Groove.

Cover Photo by 五玄土 ORIENTO on Unsplash

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