Time for Tea

I have many good talks and good thoughts over tea. Tea just sets the tone for a chill and enjoyable yet meaningful time for me. I hope to bring the same atmosphere onto this page and I invite you to join me!

This started because I set off on this quest to find out more about ways people groove and how I can apply them in my own life. Drummer and philosopher, Tiger C. Roholt, explains why grooves, which are forged in music's rhythmic nuances, remain hidden to some listeners. He argues that grooves are not graspable through the intellect nor through mere listening, but disclosed through bodily engagement. I wanted to understand how enjoyment in creativity fuels and moves people because I want to actually feel what that means and stay engaged in it.

I listened to dozens of people, whether featured on here or not, share parts of their stories with me. I opened up a door that brought some experiences and conversations I won’t forget. Now, I am opening up two more:

Notes, my personal reflections related to groove as well as posts by guest writers

Goods, a collection of products inspired by a desire to create, travel, and empower

I am reminding myself to keep exploring what makes me groove and to stop hiding or making excuses to not do whatever that may be. I find that there are always opportunities to open new doors to do new things, and it often take creativity to discover them and courage to step through them. I believe they are the same things that will make the rhythm of my routines come alive.

cover Photo by https://unsplash.com/@nate_dumlao

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