When I start creating my songs, I like to combine a lot of my feelings or use different things to play my strings, like a pencil or glass. I like to do weird things. I started when I was 8 years old playing classical music with my classical guitar and then I was more interested in combining classical music with metal and flamenco. I like to combine a lot of things because it represents how I feel. It’s not only playing some chords; you need to be a storyteller to create awesome things.

Most musicians play for money and are really good because they know all the theory of music, but they might not have groove. I think groove is enjoying what you’re playing, or singing. You need to enjoy what you’re doing and feel all your notes, every chord, every scale, even if you don’t know all the theory or if you’re not a musician. If you can feel it, that’s the important thing.

It’s not only about creating beautiful things; it’s about how you feel about your life, your story. All the songs I’ve written were during a special part of my life, so they’re like a little story of my life. The songs that I have are pieces of my life and are very important to me. I did them because I was in a bad situation, or very happy. They are just for special moments; that’s why I don’t have too many.

I had an anxiety disorder and it was really hard, but now I’m okay. I didn’t have enough confidence and always said ‘I’m not good at playing this’ or ‘this guy is better’, but no matter if someone else is better or if you think you’re not good enough, the important thing is to enjoy what you’re playing. You don’t have to be a guitar hero to enjoy a piece of yourself. It’s just a hobby for me for now.

It’s not good to remember those bad parts of life, but it’s good to play those parts because you’re creating part of your soul here in the strings. It has helped me a lot in my life because I would feel really empty, but then I feel really good playing a few chords or scales. I feel fantastic when I play. It’s not just an instrument; it’s your soul.

I also want to combine music with psychology. There are a lot of books about that kind of therapy, but I want to find the answer by myself. I’ll have to feel it. I want to create something new. I don’t know how, but I will discover it later. The reason I’m studying psychology is because I want to understand the mind and how it works. It’s the same thing with music. Music is like a language; you can feel your emotions through music, so you need to discover how to do that and who you are.

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