I'm from Persepolis. My parents’ philosophy was to help find something we like and support it. My sister likes fashion, so they helped her open up a vintage shop. I like books. They gave me three options: study to be a doctor of veterinary science like my grandfather, go to prison, or they can help me open a bookstore. They helped me open up this bookstore. We should facilitate people into something they like.

I like to help people. Like if they’re traveling, I try to help them with their travels. I'm happy if I can give them knowledge.

You can travel the world through books. You can experience things you have never experienced by reading books. You can experience love in just a poem. The guy falls in love with a girl and she doesn’t love him back...story of my life. John Green wrote The Fault in Our Stars and so many people read that book and experienced something through it. My favorite book is Candide by Voltaire. 

Wake up and find something that makes you happy and be around friends and family that want each other to be happy, and you’ll live an awesome life. The world can disappear tomorrow, but you will have a bond that never breaks.


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