It started out as an idea. I was sharing my own story with a small group and heard immediately that my experience of being bullied wasn’t just for me and there are so many others experiencing it at a younger age and a deeper level. So, it started out as an idea that I couldn’t get rid of...that longing to do something grew, and it does take that step of courage.

Nothing is wasted. All of your experiences can help benefit you later down the road if you pay attention.


I know that each word has so much power, even the words that we say to ourselves. I’ve experienced a lot of hurtful words being said about me and they really shaped my identity because I didn’t have anything else to shape my identity at the time. No one gets to tell you who you are except God and you, so just live your truth everyday and find it. I think sometimes in this world we have to find truth and be it.  


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