I had always thought singing was something you didn’t have to learn or practice. I had only taken regular classes up through college, nothing related to music, and I never thought I would become a singing teacher. But, it’s cool to look back and see how I started teaching singing until now all because I went to a singing competition.

I tried out for the Super Idol show in Taiwan because my friend wanted me to do it with her. I brought my guitar and rollerblades to show more of my talents. After I sang, he asked if I had anything else to perform and I said I could sing a song I wrote on my guitar or dance in my rollerblades, but he just looked at me rudely and said there was no need. He didn’t smile at all and I went home really sad and cried the rest of the day.


At night, I got a phone call inviting me to go to the TV recording studio to compete in the next round with the final 100. I thought they were playing a joke on me. I took my rollerblades again and that time, I wore them right in to sing for the judges. One of them who is usually really mean on the show told me that I was very cute and to go learn to sing. I didn’t make it to the next round, but because of her comment, I actually went and learned to sing.

I realized that singing isn’t easy, but as long as you practice, you can do it, like anything. We don’t really know what we will end up doing, but I would encourage everyone to spend even 20 or 30 minutes a day doing what they really like because this will add up to something. I also recommend focusing on something instead of spreading out too much in different interests, like I did before.


I realized a way to not be nervous in what I’m doing is to think about what I want to bring to the environment. When you know the value you want to give, it becomes less like work. You don’t have to think about trying really hard to do a lot when you know what you’re bringing to people.

When I teach singing, I really like figuring out each person’s situation to see how to suggest ways to improve. I like focusing more on how my students can feel confident and not compare themselves. In the process, my one main point is that each of their voices is unique. We are all made differently, so we are going to sound different. A lot of people think they can’t sing because their voice sounds weird and doesn’t sound like some famous singer’s, but I want them to know that they can sing and their voice is unique.


I think the older people get, the more things they’re afraid of, for example, failing or being honest about what you want to do and going after what you really want. Like for me, I wanted to be a singer but I was scared to say it if I couldn’t achieve it. But, I realized we have to be bold in saying things and not be afraid to fail.

I remember when I was in elementary school and we were putting on a show and the teacher asked who could do a front flip; I really wanted to, so I raised my hand even though I couldn’t do one. I remember I kept practicing on my bed until I could do it. As I got older, there have been many times I wanted to do something or be chosen to be in a certain role, but instead, I would wait around until someone pushed me to do it.

As I’ve grown up, it seems like I’m scared to even want the things I really want. We have more and more fears when we grow up about how people will look at us or what people will say about us, especially friends and family. I hope to encourage others to not be scared of anything, like when we were kids. Now, I’m reminded of how brave I was in elementary school, where I volunteered to do something when I didn’t even know how. I’m reminded to be brave about doing what I want to do, admitting the things I really want, and then actually doing them.

Elim LoiComment